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축하합니다! Congratulation to for winning both categories. We hope you love the prizes 🙂 To @tyah.hj thank you so much for being part of of this competition, we hope to see you both in our next activities and competition! 감사합니다! To Sulbingsoo Cafe Kiulap, thank you for hosting our gathering!

BruBerries: EXO 7th Years Anniversary & XIUHUN Day

Repost BruBerries : As you all know we’ll be having the event next week 💕 in collaboration with
Information are all on the picture above. Any inquiries, do DM us 🙂

(1️) The FOODS & FREEBIES prepared are ONLY for those who LISTED their name and the ones who CONTRIBUTED to the event.
(2️) Any of you whose name is NOT in the list who wishes to join will have to PAY for food SEPARATELY and you will NOT be receiving any freebies.

We look forward to seeing you on the day of the event ☺️👋